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Little Brown Bunny

Hello, I'm Bundles and I am my dad's little brown bunny .I can't remember how my life really started, or where I came from. My earliest memory is being out in the streets, my favorite human, my dad, says I couldn't have been 5 weeks old. It was so scary for a little brown bunny to be out in the neighborhood, all those big dogs barking, nowhere to hide, except in a yard with really long gates, and large fences :I found out later on my human's mom lived there. The other kids call her nana.

Anyway, I was running thru Nanas yard and I could just make out the smell of bunnies in the yard. maybe It  was an illusion, or maybe I was just getting weak .I was so tired: I spent the night in the safety of the big fence and gates.

The next morning I woke up and I saw a big fresh bowl of water :it tasted so good, I didn't know it but I was going to meet my favorite humans in a few hours.

That night I had left the yard to see if I could find my way home, at least that's what the dad person explained to me. When it was getting dark, this man arrived in a big noisy white car, with a couple of smaller persons. I went back inside to investigate these people. The girl tried to catch me and I got away: You're not going to catch this little brown bunny, no siree. but, then, things got tough: I was cornered in a bush, and the man who is now my dad, reached in to fetch me, instead, I darted into the arms of the girl person, and when I was sitting in her hand (well, I was very little) she handed me over to the man and I discovered that he smelled like a big rabbit!

He grabbed me and snuggled me up like the little brown bunny I am (hehehe) and at that moment I knew I was going home. Going fast forward to the present: The only thing that was missing in my life was a friend. dad brought home a girl he calls Maria. I think I like her, and dad says she and I are going to get along famously well. Oh well,I don't know what he means, but I *do* need a pal...............Please go visit our home page at Bunnies Are Us and check out the other bunnies. See you later.